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One step before cougar
Random Downtown Smiley Puma: "look at you all dressed up"

Me: "you're a lil puma aren't you?"

Puma: "what's a puma?"

Me: "like one notch before a cougar"
by Mbenji September 06, 2013

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The honorable execution of defecating into a dip serving platter then after placing atop a pungent dipping sauce, (to hide the malodorous odor of fecalia) arrive at a function, and covertly serve the exquisite casserole to the undiscerning

participants of said function.
Damn Benji I cant believed you dirty wienclawskied that party nobody saw that coming.

Be slick tryin to drop that D-Wizzle on the table, you dont want anyone to see you.
by MBenji February 06, 2010

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The infinitely gratifiying pleasure of aquiring a thoroughly mentally challenged female, escorting her to a frequented venue, (prefferably a house party or home with unfettered access to a readily observable skanktuary)then find the most indiscreetly obvious lightly secluded locale within the function and proceed to barbarically fornicate her in the most defiling manor while shouting a personally coined phrase (such as: enjoy yoself!) gathering observers to bare witness to your most prophetic and enlightning experience.
Wow Lazy Eyed Sally got dirty dawkinsed by Benji rough.

All I heard was the most thunderous of slaps drawing me to what I soon came to realize was a brilliant dirty dawkins in progress.
by MBenji February 07, 2010

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Flesh eating penile bacteria that decreases the dexterity in human flesh from head to shaft to testicle through a gory malicious invasion of penile tissue resulting in a bloody mucus covered nub of what was once an average sized male member
The Hermeculite infection in Pauls penis has left him at a loss for manhood and affected his life drastically resulting in the desire to end the agony of ruin that the bloody nub has caused.
by Mbenji June 16, 2011

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Giving unwanted advice to people through comments on Facebook.
1:I hate being ignored
2:Don't be ignored stand up and scream it's the only way you will be heard
1:Yeah ok
2:Bad vibes will only receive bad vibes faith in something bigger and better and believing that will make it all good there is light in every dark tunnel think bright even if it's dark let the spirit guide and stick to gaining an understanding if it doesn't happen that means there is something better you surround yourself with what you put out karma is real I have no reason to lie to you everything is within you and finding what you really want
1:Ive heard it all. Theres nothing that i haven't heard before.
2:I can't save you from yourself if you want to be so grim. The pit your in is the pit you need to wake up in and realize it's dark in there.
3: you're*
3:Honestly don't even know how you were on my news feed but I had to, everybody's a Facebook Ghandi these days.
by MBenji January 04, 2014

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The sensational painstaking presentation while attending a social function and gathering the awareness of the present congregation only after you have found the most gullible, smallest, and youngest male at the party convinced said whippersnapper (through peer pressure and alcohol consumption) to allow himself to be handcuffed to a tree, while onlookers watch in awe proceed to disrobe the crying embarrased juvenile in front of his peers, then as if not enough you unveil the "cou de gras", your choice brand of peanut butter and spread frivolously up and down the exposed buttox making sure to get equal portions within the crack itself. (see also greasy nut, greased nut, greased sheafer
Wow poor Mike Smith got a mean dirty sheafer at Fulks party last night.

I cant believe the amount of peanut butter they used in that dirty sheafer.
by MBenji February 08, 2010

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The inevitable responsibility of all grown ginger males to eunuchize themselves, and if devoted enough to fighting global extinction proceed to castrate the posterity of gingers as to avoid future procreation of an incestual demonic species necassary for the survival of mankind.
The bloody pilkerton is a painful experience both mentally and physically for gingers but it is vital to the human race.

Joe I know you dont want to, but you have to pilkerton yourself and your little brother/lover, for the good of all beings.
by MBenji February 07, 2010

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