a burn from a bic lighter, done by heating the lighter for a few minutes then pressing on skin. Hurts a bit but will last for ages.
"I gave him the hellest smiley when we were pissed, that'll scar him for life!"
by Nibblez August 20, 2007
A person that is always happy and loves to smile.
Smiley happy sweet giggly love
by SmileyPants October 31, 2011
"That there's a smiley" (points to possum, usually dead on the side of the road, smiling)
by Chadfish June 30, 2010
To forcefully hump or grind someone so hard that they either smile or recite chemistry equations. Normally done by extremely old teachers.
Teacher: "I smiley'd this chick so hard last night she broke her back"

Student: "Wtf?! When?"

Teacher: "Homecoming: I went hard."

Teacher: "Hah, get it? Hard."
by Richie_B October 20, 2014
The most bad ass/awesome/badawesome last name that exsist and will ever exsist in the history of forever. The man who ever bears the crest of the Smiley is gifted with, women who are willing to give up themselfs to them just for the name. Women who bear the name shall make their grooms give up their name.
Some must earn their awesomeness, but Smiley's are born awesome!
by pizzaman777 June 9, 2010
Forcing a person to bite the sidewalk, as you kick the back of their head. Resulting in a toothless mouth.
See American History X
Edward Norton (AHX) displays the smiley:
"Bite the curb!"
by Hoonty April 5, 2006
1. An abnormality or blemish

2. Can be physically on a person or an object; something unusual.

3. A defect

4. A deformity

5. A mutation
After meeting his girlfriends moms for the first time and noticing the mole on her face, her turned to his lady and said "I didn't know your mom had a smiley."

The ear of corn looked good. Except one kernel had a smiley on it.

The lone hair on her breast was a definite smiley.
by Chambana July 9, 2012