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items you like to buy that look nice but are useless.a term used in northern ireland.
seaside souveniers,garden ornaments,most collectable things,furry toys aimed at adults etc
by amy cowell March 10, 2004
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quirky,witty, someone who is clever, and quick, yet lacks real sincerity. At times sarcastic.
Peggy: My cat just died Fred!
Fred: Really? Well frankly I don't give a damn!
Peggy: You're so insensitive Fred! You (insert curse word of choice) Pruck!
Fred: I was just kidding! Peggy wait!
by Cathleen Mcarthur March 20, 2007
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someone who just wants attention or uses people. its depends on how you say it.
Jenny: Tom is marrying a girl who just won the lottery
Jack: He is such a pruck.

Jenny: Dang, why is she posting about her breakup?
Jack: She’s just being a pruck
by halgie May 22, 2018
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