The most beautiful, most caring and most loving person on this world. She always has a space for a new person in her heart but if you ever get on her bad side she will rip your wind pipe out.
That girl over there's crazy, she must be a peggy
by Loveyapeggy March 25, 2017
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Peggy is a sweet girl. She has her secrets though. You may see her as a happy and joyful person. But for her to be honest, she’s shattered. She says she’s fine, she’s not. All she wants is to just be the happy Peggy she is for just a day. A day of no problems. That’s all she needs. Peggy just needs someone to wrap her arms around her and tell her “it’s going to be okay”

If that’s what Peggy can get, then she’ll have a real smile.
Peggy is a great friend. You should totally meet her!
by DandyMorticia May 31, 2018
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Best character-I mean person you’ll ever meet.

And Peggy.
Angelica....Eliza.....aND PEGGY
by ZeraFT March 16, 2018
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Peggy is a sweet and energetic girl. There is nothing that can stop her from having a good time. She is talented and is determined to follow her dreams. You may think she’s always happy. But she always kept a smile on her face to hide the fact she just wants to snap. She let people take advantage of her. She might be thinking of suicide yet nobody even knows it. But there are certain stuff that can make her the fun and loving Peggy that she is.
Person 1: Peggy is really nice!
Person 2: eh, this girl looks like a Peggy
by DandyMorticia May 19, 2018
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A peggy is a fun, creative woman with a hidden zest for life which cannot be denied. Exciting and excitable she will find her way into any thing that she deems worthy of her interest. Always entertaining in bed although you wouldn't guess it if you didn't know her well. Often aloof when she doesn't want to be bothered.
Peggy Peg hot your momma is a peg cool
by jewlie day March 26, 2010
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