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A sweet and caring person who can really annoy you.She's always fun to be around and has a really bubbly and athletic personality.Most of them have really athletic bodies.I think they're cute,adorable (except in the mornning).
Wren:Hey girl
Karleigh: SHUT UP!!!
Wren:Girl chill.What's wrong?
Karleigh: IT'S 9:00 A.M!!!
Wren:At least you looking cute. lol
by Aubblez79 August 07, 2017
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The most amazing person in the whole entire universe. She is the hottest, nicest, cutest, and most fun out of all the girls. She is the most amazing girlfriend a person could ever wish for. She has an amazing ass, body, and personality. Everything about her is amazing.
"Dayum dude Karleigh is so fine!"
by gsdfgbdfsbfgsbvusdf November 18, 2011
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The cutest hottest sexiest caring loving adorable sweetie pie. she is one in 11 billion and is the most greatest loving and caring girlfreind and noone on earth can replace her. she is my heartstone. is deep and very loving and cares for all. and is loved by all.
karleigh-my girlfreind karleigh is the best thing going on in my life
by cole F. lentz December 09, 2007
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