wow look at the size of my hard tallywacker
by billy February 4, 2003
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Slang. The male copulatory organ. The term very popular in rugger-bugger piss-ups
At the piss up after winning the rugby world cup, Jonny Wilkinson waved his tallywacker at the Australians

Orig. <French 'tallier'=pull + Western Irish mispronunciation of 'wanker'>
by emigre December 16, 2003
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Something used to syphon gas out of a car.
"WOW, that guy just stuck his Tallywacker in a gas tank!"
by Pete Negwaski! June 17, 2006
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a length of rope use to count sheep. The sheperd would tie a knot every 10 sheep. If one slowed up he would whack them with the tally rope.
He hit that ram with the tallywacker.
by sheepfreebird December 19, 2009
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A wang, more commonly heard in England. It's a funny and more proper word for the cack.
My tallywacker knocked over the radio when I walked by it.
by maybenot September 5, 2003
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Long swingey thing hanging between the legs of a male (usuley)
"did you see that, he had his tallywacker hanging ouut there in broud daylight"
by JIM November 15, 2003
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