Celebrated location where you can find Big Mo. And 50 Cent, of course.
by k dog March 4, 2004
Something "cool" or something thats "thats good", "if ure in da club ure gangsta or popular.
"That fat nigger thought lean back was in da club, my shit sold 11 mil his shit was a dud"
by mjman June 23, 2005
A term for "the club" that white people should never use.
Phil: "Imma be at da club."
Jill: "Dude, you're way too white to be calling it 'da club.'"
by Nerdkub August 15, 2014
Worst.... Song..... Ever.
Im so sick of "In Da Club" playing on the radio im gonna go shoot myself in the head kthnxbai!
by airsoft fan July 4, 2003
When something has gone wrong/bad and there will be consequences.
I just saw some some guy macking on your girl over there...

-Aww man there is going to be troubs in da club tonight

Our team is down by three goals....

-That's troubs in da club
by Atown05 March 25, 2008
An expression used to show extreme excitement or utter satisfaction towards a result. When you are extremely happy with the outcome of an event.
Emily: I can hang out with you today.
Sonny: Jiggas in da club!
by Sonny the Stuntman January 28, 2009