I saw Burt at walmart the other day with his new kicks on they were crazy produce son!
by stevieb90 January 8, 2011
productive and conducive

(Popularized by the nationally syndicated radio show The David Pakman Show)
David: No bullying or shouting down of ANY ideas should be tolerated, but it's not producive--if we are trying to build leaders and people to exist in the real world--to protect them in this way
by _Citizen of the World August 31, 2016
Shortened version of 'Reproduce' often used as a salutation to someone who has recently attempted or will very soon thereafter attempt reproduction with a female.
Shawn walked into the bar after his date, nodded his head confidently, and Mark the bartender exclaimed "Produce!" Shawn's balls had been drained.
by JonnieChimpo December 17, 2016
a person that is overly made up, someone who is only good looking because they spend lots of money on clothes, makeup etc.
That girl ain't that cute, shes just produced.
Naw son, that jawn isn't that hot, shes produced
by di1 May 12, 2006
producation (noun)

1. the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially in a production environment.
2. an enlightening experience in a production environment.
"It works well in test, but without metrics to go off of it'll be a producation when it ships"
"Have you seen the issues in this service review? It's a total producation"
by wholroyd August 4, 2017
Vegetables, fruits, etc. sold in a grocery store.
Boy: Where can i find tomatoes?
Grocery Clerk: In the produce section.
by emmccarty November 21, 2007
any fruit and vegetables sold in sainsburys
courgettes, carrots
by jack barker February 11, 2004