To procrastinate by masturbating. Usually done while watching porn or some strange Disney cartoon.
Andy: "What did you do this weekend"
Isaac: "Just flipped on meat-spin for a little procasturbation time."

Logan: "Hey should we call Isaac?"
Matt: "Nah, Andy said he is probably procasturbating again.
by forrealz69 March 31, 2010
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Putting off masturbation until later...sometimes much later. Until you are forced to do it.
I have a mad case of procasturbation. I really just want to watch tv today.
by huffalo September 19, 2006
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Being to lazy to masturbate, so you put it off until tomorrow.
Last night I was way to tired to masturbate, so I proctasturbated. This procasturbation is an issue.
by Eddiecat October 21, 2017
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