81 definitions by Biafra J

To be riddled with acne.

And chalk skin.

And scars all over the place.

Girl 1.That Aidyn's nice, in't he?

Girl 2. Na way! He's got a face like a half chewed golf ball!
by Biafra J July 11, 2004
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When after blowing your load after jacking off, realising that the people you jack off to are well too good for you. the self-hating feeling one gets after realising that all the things that people do in your dreams are never going to happen.
Bud. Hey man, what's up with you?

Jerker. Give's a sec Bud- i just blew my load and is just wakin up.
by Biafra J July 11, 2004
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coffin nails which kill people in the most horrific ways since the black death. cigarette compainies make billions on your backs. you mean nothing to them.

Pros. The sex appeal (cough)

Cons. It kills you
they have a horrific taste
they control you once addicted
more addictve than most drugs
destroy your lungs and your bronchioles
make your beauty decrease rapidly due to nicotine over-load
cost a lot to buy
Once addicted lose real pleasure
very anti-social
Youre paying someone to kill you slowly- why dont i just come round and drill holes into your skin every week?

Dont be a fool.
by Biafra J September 4, 2004
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Glasgwegian/Used to describe something, mostly someone, who is really, really, nice looking. heard by drunken single mothers in kebab houses chatting up the elderly chinese man behind the counter.
Woman.See that chinese guy behind the coonter? Ah wis getting a bulge jus' looking at him!

Woman 2. Ah no, he's a heavy shag, in't he? Gies a chip, ya tight cow.
by Biafra J July 12, 2004
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The guys that look down on everyone, young and old, probably into Solipsism because they're that fucking up themselves.

Walk about with a huge swagger and boast about how much money they've got, when in reality, they live in a ditch which a janitor built for them when he saw him lying pissed outside a curry house.

Mostly very poor, but never show this fact.
guy 1.I fucking hate career students.

guy 2.what you on about? youre a student!

guy 1.aye, a student, but not a poxy career student.
by Biafra J July 12, 2004
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Anything to do with drugs, war, violence and gangstas. usually a cockney in it who you want to kick the fuck out of.
"Aright, me old matey?Chim Chimeny Chim Chimeny, chim chim cheroo..."
by Biafra J July 13, 2004
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the only non-porn thing on channel 5 after 8.30pm, where a tv crew set up criminals by making dodgy cars, ghostly-houses and goody lorries.

Probably the best wind-up was when some bloke tried to steal an assortment of chocolate goodies of the back of a lorry.when he jumped in to grab them, the door closed and the lorry started to move and the rag around the lorry became iron bars to laugh and point at the caught scally-wag. with a commentary as well.

Absolute class.

Its on Channel 5, 8.30pm.
What you gonna do when they come for you?
by Biafra J July 13, 2004
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