When you want to get it on (have sex) but not with the person you usually get it on with because you just need something a little bit different.
I just really need some strange tonight!
by G.FunkEra September 6, 2015
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After many weeks of tapping the same beaver. The man wants to spread his feathers like a peacock venture out into the open air and get him some strange. Nothing quite beats the feeling of mounting a new piece of ass. As a man it’s your divine right to pick and choose. After all it is a numbers game.
I was out for a walk last night contemplating life. It dawned on me there and then I’d seen the same flaps for the last month. So I put my Sunday best on headed out and reeled me in a little Beauty. In other words some strange.
by Jambokeith85 February 6, 2021
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Going out and "having relations" outside of your relationship or marital status or seeking someone different than your standard choice of women
Man 1: man you see him with that silverback gorilla
Man 2: yeah he caught his gf with his brother so he's out "getting some strange"
by Danny Joe Henry July 10, 2014
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1. To unsuccessfully flirt with a woman.
2. To hit on some ladies, and fail.
Fifteen minutes after we got to the restaurant we noticed Steve was missing. Someone told us later that he noticed him scheming on some strange by the entrance.
by optimus2g January 5, 2013
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When two or more male friends discuss an orgy of any amount of combined sexual intercourse involving one or more women.
by Anonymous867 July 9, 2012
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the act of going outside and patrolling for some “hot ass” usually in a group of one or more people.

while “taming strange” speaks for an individual, “taming some strange” is plural.
Mom: What are you boys up to today?

Me: I think we are gonna hit up town and tame some strange.
by Jackoff Nipples April 7, 2023
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