what you're doing right now. get the fuck off and finish your work.
seriously why are you even reading this? you're wasting time. go do some work. now. no more procrastinating.
by southafricansomeone May 18, 2010
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What I'm doing right now!
UD is great for this kind of thing.
by wysiwyg August 15, 2004
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what you're doing right now! get back to studying/doing homework or if your bored and looked this up for fun....why?
Jim: Did you study last night?
You: No I procrastinated and looked up procrastinating on Urban Dictionary.
by Sunrise-Succulent January 24, 2019
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What teenagers do when they dont want to do their homework
"Do your hw!" yells mother.
"No i think id rather do something that wont benifit me at all!" yells procrastinating teen going through puberty.
by James J December 20, 2005
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MOM: Johnny, stop procrastinating and do your homework.
Johnny: Never.
by TotalNoobSauce February 19, 2008
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What performing right now instead of homework.
Mom: You gotta finish your 2 books and projects before we go on vacation
Me:Yea umm I gotta do something first. *write this definition and start procrastinating*
by Schools Annoying August 14, 2011
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