A single currency unit of the cryptocurrency protocol Cardano. Named after Ada Lovelace, an 18th century mathematician and the first historically-documented computer programmer.
Hey bro, I'll send you 300 Ada for that gram of weed I smoked at your place on the weekend
by Zenarchism October 18, 2018
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An individual who can never be replaced. Ada is the most loyal and amazing friend you will ever have. She will stand by you when the odds are stacked against you. And she always puts a smile on your face.
I am so happy to have Ada as my best friend
by Bajafries4ever August 3, 2018
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Ada, the sweetest, funniest, most wonderful, kindest, most generous person you will ever meet. Not only is she extremely brilliant, she is absolutely beautiful, even though she often doubts her beauty. If you get an Ada, never let her go.
Guy 1: Wow, who is that gorgeous girl who is dancing over there?

Guy 2: Oh, that must be Ada.

Ex 2

Girl 1: Wow all of a sudden it got so much brighter and happier in here!
Girl 2: Oh, it's because Ada just walked in.
by Bea 🌟💞💫✨✌🏻 December 16, 2019
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A Beautiful girl who is compassionate, loving, artistic, and kind. But also has a freaky side, one who loves to mess around abut at the end of the day is very reliable and loyal. She is strong and hard working , she would make a great girlfriend because she likes to cuddle and make people smile even if she doesn't try she can bring a smile to the sad faces .
Why can't you be an Ada ?
by shaghsud April 7, 2017
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A individual that can never be replaced.

No matter how hard they try they still can't replace that individual.

Ada can also mean a sexy,wifey material ,funny,sweet,caring,lovable…etc individual that u want to have in life.
Ima stay here because I'm an Ada.
Your what I've always wanted an Ada
by Ehdbhd June 3, 2017
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Ada The definition of perfect Beauty.

Ada can also mean a sexy,wifey material ,funny,sweet,caring,lovable…etc individual that u want to have in life.
She is Irreplaceable and your friends will try and say there's other fish in the sea but there's only one of her.
by Abstable October 2, 2018
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A woman who has long lashes. A woman who is often is strong, yet short. Also a woman who made the first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace, as she is know by.
I want to be Ada (or not knowing about something and learning a lot about it. So much that you make something that is helpful for everyone).
by Write your name January 4, 2018
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