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A individual that can never be replaced.

No matter how hard they try they still can't replace that individual.

Ada can also mean a sexy,wifey material ,funny,sweet,caring,lovable…etc individual that u want to have in life.
Ima stay here because I'm an Ada.
Your what I've always wanted an Ada
by Ehdbhd June 02, 2017
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Word used to describe a sexy vixen who is usually bitingly witty and hard to catch. (can also be used as a noun)
Man, you need to be careful, she's hella ada;

She's out of your league, she's too much of an ada.
by Aureliaaaaaa January 04, 2010
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An artistic, beautiful, dark skinned girl. Who usually has brown eyes that resemble black pools. She is very good at drawing and art like projects. Usually has black or brown hair. She is very smart and pretty and gorgeous. She knows how to make someone laugh or joke. Her name originates from Nigeria the meaning: First daughter. She speaks a mixture of languages including ghetto. She is the most reliable friend. Very likable, loved by everyone, and puts a smile on all sad faces. She can twerk and dance and ride a bike like a pro. SHE IS BOSS.
Jim: That girl is so boss.
Carl: Yeah she must be an Ada.


Helga: OH! I wish I was as boss as Ada
Ploga: Me too! Shes so... LOOK THERE SHE IS!
by LoverHater101xx August 17, 2013
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1. A programming language that was named after the alleged first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace. Currently in use by the US Government and its contractors.
2. A lovely lady by the name of Choi.
1. I'm so 1337, I know ADA!

2. I'm so lucky, I know Ada!
by m0d November 04, 2004
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All day ass. When one has gone to work, gone home, maybe the gym, doesn't shower, and has a stinky, sweaty, all day ass.
Damn bro, you're not really going out without taking a shower first are you? You have ADA! You can't pick up a lady at the bar and expect her to lick that all day ass!
by Eric Luz December 30, 2013
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Americans with Disabilities Act.
The city cut ramps into the sidewalks to fulfill ADA requirements.
by Ike December 05, 2003
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City in Michigan, just outside of Grand Rapids. . World HQ of amway.
Let's go to Ada and buy into a pyramid scheme.
by JenThe80'sFan April 26, 2004
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