What you just had obviously, who else would look this up on urbandictionary?
It's 7:44am and I just got back from a great night at the club where I met a Rap Producer, got with 3 hot chicks and got 2 of them's numbers, smoked a good bowl and then got home safe to get on urbandictionary to add my own definition of A Good Night
by Ballernight221 May 7, 2011
A good night is when the lady you just had sex with calls you up and tells you shes not pregnant.
Nate-So did she call you again
LS-Yup nate its a good night
by Nasty Nate the Dragon Slayer August 20, 2009
What you say in a text message when you are done texting that person for the evening.
by Jennaisalwaysright March 12, 2013
by IDidItFortheLulz June 15, 2013
A spliff or joint which is smoked before going to bed to help the smoker go to sleep.
Sorry I can't sell you any of my stash. I've only got enough for my good night.
by Mad78 April 13, 2008
When someone wants to make you feel guilty for telling them to go to bed.
John: Goodnight dear

Stacy: Good night
by Plex_Sovern September 19, 2020
to indirectly say you want to goose a carrottop until they bleed
Shelly said good night to me...but really she wants me up the butt.
by Rachel March 5, 2005