A mixture between for wtf and confusion, with a little bit of annoyance mixed in.
For fucks sake, Jim pull you damn penis out of my computer's floppy drive!
by The Dalai Llama November 10, 2003
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Look at all these "slang" terms in the urban dictionary which aren't slang or don't even mean anything. They should all be deleted for fucks sake.
by Saucy August 14, 2003
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Pious non-invocation borrowing religious lightly archaic language asking for intercession in a matter too trivial, too far gone to ruin or with such an obvious solution that invoking an actual entity would be in vain. The contrast with crass language helps to give a wink to the recipient that you aren't deadly serious but need to catch their attention. Has the added benefit of simultaneously enabling the speaker to endure pain via this vulgar non-curse, or formulations referring to possible ancient soul Fook for shock value followed by a more traditional invocation.
Running towards burning microwave popcorn "Oh For fucks sake! Open a window!".
For fucks sake roads washed out. Call dispatch and tell them it's going to take twice as long to get this coal to Newcastle. Definitely sleeping on the couch this weekend it's our anniversary fer fucks sake.
For fucks Sake that drill isn't broken you have been going the wrong direction for an hour!!!
For fucks Sake you've been bird dogging me all week, get me my money Big Dick, I already texted the steward.
by Vonnegutstwerp, Belgium February 28, 2022
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An exclamation often used when something is profound and makes little/no sense; Close synonym for "what the hell!?"
"For fucks sake Jacob, I can't believe you fucked Tim."
by Kristen December 1, 2003
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Another way of expressing, "God damnitt what the fuck is the deal, JESUS CHRIST!"
"For fucks sake" why does my mom have to continue to have unprotected sex with grandpa?!
by Sho-Nuff October 9, 2003
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