The age group that is 10-12 years of age. The people in this age group are stereotyped to TiPpE lyKKE DIIIZZZZZ! OMG!!!! and to like disney channel. They are also stereotyped to be teenage wannabes. I am 10 years old and I will clarify: we are not all like the idiotic nincompoops that are our age group's figureheads. Seriously: I don't wear Abercrombie clothes because they are cool: I wear them because they are comfortable. (And my mom buys them for me.) I have hated disney channel shows since I saw Hannah Montana for the first time. I don't smear makeup all over my face or act/look like a stripper.
So please, ladies and gentleman of the internet. Don't stereotype us. Thank you.

stereotype preeteen: OMG GuuRlFRiEENd!! DiD U SeE dA neW HaNNaH MonTanA? dAT WaS Liike SOoooOoOooO SwAAgy!
Real preteen: Did you see what happened today near school? It was all over the news! And we were eyewitnesses! It's so amazing!
by ladida123 August 05, 2013
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A noun, who's meaning is that of a child who has yet to hit puberty. Many pornographic websites have preteen in their titles to attract attention from underage porn watchers, (come on some guys are like 15 they want to see girls their age or vice versa).

btw, you spelled sickening wrong. (Dumbass)
Hey how old is that girl?

Hmm... not sure, but she's definitely preteen.
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Wow, I am a "preteen" and I don't know if I should be mad or laughing at these ignorant definitions.

1. No one tYPes lyke DiS except trolls.

2. I hate twilight, Aeropostale and Disney channel.
3. Yes, I like pop music, but that isn't the only genre I like and I don't like it to be "cool". I could careless about being cool, I like the music.
4. I don't "want to be a teen". Some teenagers need to learn that they didn't invent the world, pop culture or fashion.

I don't know what some of you are smoking but there is the REAL definition up there.
Idiotic Teen: Those preteens love Jonas Brothers and Aeropostale. What wannabes!

Smart Teen: So just because of their age they aren't allowed to like things without being called wannabes? Grow up.
by Preteen November 19, 2010
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Anyone under 13 years old. The 9 to 13 crowd is called tweens.
For an eye full of tweens, Google "CSM models"
by FridgeRaider December 11, 2004
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1) A pre-teen, or an almost teen/almost teenager is a child (primarily female) who is between the ages of 9 and 12 (Although can also include an immature 13 year old). These childern like to pretend they are teenagers and thus, they try to act "cool."
2) A preteen girl is usually obsessed with glitter in all forms, which is then smeared on thier faces, in an attempt to look "cool" or "older." Usually makes them look stupid and/or like child prostitutes.
3) Preteens often latch on to the current trend (thus making it uncool), like iPods.
4) Preteens often travel in groups of 4 - 5, screaming thier heads off at the stupidest things.
1) My nine year old sister considers herself a preteen, and insists on carrying her neon pink purse everywhere.

2) The girl had so much glitter on, I honestly thought she was a hoe!

3) The 10 year old yelled and begged until he got an iPod. She then uploaded her two Backstreet Boys albums, and promptly broke it after listening to "I Want it That Way"

4) The group of preteens screamed uncontroably as one did something stupid.
by Loomis's-Southern-Belle May 11, 2006
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A child (normally female) between the ages of 9-12. Some preteens are smart,funny and pretty. But some fit the stereotype of...well Justin Bieber fan girl.
Weird Preteen:
Girl 1:Omg! Like I just ran out of eyeshadow!*cries*
Girl 2:”oh no do you need some comfort”
Some of us (like me,I hate Justin Bieber and Disney channel but I don’t watch MTV)
Are normal:
1:how did you do on the math practice test?
2:I failed.
1:you wanna study with me? I got a 95.
2:yea tomorrow good?

And lasty most of use don’t type LiKe DiS.
(Also for clarification I’m 10)
Preteen 2 (normal):ehh that’s fine! Stop being a drama queen!
Preteen 2:that’s fine I want some normal friends that aren’t drama queens.
by MyDogBo May 24, 2020
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