4 definitions by He who shall not be named

Used by neds, well-respected, cool. See also sound
by He who shall not be named July 15, 2003
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Used by neds. Has the same meaning as hard, in terms of strong, hard to break, ansd also difficult
"At test wis pure solid, man"
by He who shall not be named July 15, 2003
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A noun, who's meaning is that of a child who has yet to hit puberty. Many pornographic websites have preteen in their titles to attract attention from underage porn watchers, (come on some guys are like 15 they want to see girls their age or vice versa).

btw, you spelled sickening wrong. (Dumbass)
Hey how old is that girl?

Hmm... not sure, but she's definitely preteen.
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A Norse Goddess, if you can call her that. She is one of the children of Loki, and she rules over Nifleheim. Nifleheim, the best way I can say it is the Christian form of hell. Ironically, this is where Catholics/Christians got the name hell from, they took Her name, threw on an l and bingo! It's original.

Hel's body is said to be two halves that shouldn't be together but are. One side of her is incredibly beautiful and any man instantly will fall in lust with her. While the other side of her is dead and rotting, maggots and other foul things infest the dead side of her and all creatures are repulsed by it. Women are merely grossed out at the sight, while men's minds are eventually ripped in two.

She has a habit to have sex with the men she encounters, and then proceeds to torture them to death. She is considered by many to be the ultimate Sadist. The path into nifleheim is paved with human skulls.
OH NOES!!! it's HEL!!! everyone run or she'll rape and then torture you to death!!!
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