22 definitions by FridgeRaider

Something so good to look at, that your eyes don't need any more to look at.
Those tweens are an eye full.
by FridgeRaider December 14, 2004
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An experimental recidivism project supported by the governments of California and the United States of America.
The inmates at Lassen County maintain petting zoos such as County Jail and High Desert Correctional Center in which threatened species such as upstanding citizens are incarcerated.
by FridgeRaider May 17, 2004
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Anyone under 13 years old. The 9 to 13 crowd is called tweens.
For an eye full of tweens, Google "CSM models"
by FridgeRaider December 11, 2004
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When Lassen County has blackouts for up to four days in subzero weather and whole families get bored, there's nothing to do but play indoor sports. I dare say they don't stay bored.
by FridgeRaider June 2, 2004
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A naive, usually preteen lolita that an older guy flirts with, with or without pedosexual intentions.
Watch out! Your girlfriend in training is starting to wear a bra.
by FridgeRaider May 29, 2004
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