Of all the boy bands and of all the Disney pop idols, the Jonas Brothers are the worst of the worst. They have unfortunately come back with a new album recently. Oh, and their music is NOT ROCK. We don't mean that as being something other than rock (as long as it's not something we're wholly, diametrically, unequivocally opposed to in and of itself), but NOT ROCK as in IT'S NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE. Much like Avril Lavigne, Olivia Rodrigo, Pink and Kelly Clarkson, the Jonas Brothers represent the most embarrassing attempts to clone rock music out there.
Jonas Brothers Fan: The Jonas Brothers really are an awesome and a talented band. I'm proud of them. I don't hate anything about them! GO AWAY IF YOU HATE THE JONAS BROTHERS! YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS!

Anti-Pop Snob Who Has Taste: No! The Jonas Brothers are NOT talented and they are NOT awesome! They are manufactured, kid-friendly and mass-produced as hell! I can't believe America has enough idiots in it to let this crap become popular!
by Super Tips July 29, 2023
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A Word that when you type in "Jonas Brother" in Urban Dictionary, you get a bunch of hate comments saying they are shitty. But if you search Joe Jonas you get a bunch of girly positive comments for some reason.
1. Joe Jonas 1124 up, 513 down

a member of the best band ever- Jonas Brothers

very manly, beautiful, funny, plays the tambourine
brother of Kevin, Frankie and Nick Jonas

1. Jonas Brothers 3883 up, 1774 down

A shitty, pop, rock band that makes it harder to apperecite good music today.
by Jonas?? August 2, 2009
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A shitty, pop, rock band that makes it harder to apperecite good music today. People who claim to be fans of this 'band' usually fall under the line of being female, 6-17 years old, disney channel/high school musical lover, types LiKeSs tHIssS!!! and is extremely annoying.
Person 1: OMG I lOvE tHe JoNaS BRoThErs!! Did yYYou sEe tHem oN DiSnEy CHaNnelLL LaSt nIgHt!!!??

Person 2: No, shut up and go listen to real music instead of drooling over people who don't even write/play their own songs.
by thejonasbrotherssuck March 20, 2008
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A band that single handedly killed music. You can usually hear them on a POP station or anything with Ryan Secrest or whatever his name is.
The Jonas Brothers make me want to cry. What ever happened to those awesome rock and roll bands that everyone loved? Fuck you Jonas Brothers. I dont even care that you are famous or have money, YOU RUINED MUSIC. FUCK YOU JONAS BITCHES.
by Peoples Voice amirite. March 31, 2010
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Little parasites that hang on the ends of pubic hairs around the testicles and deliver venomous bites that turn the scrotum to mush.
Man #1: Ever get that feeling that you can't even feel your nuts?
Man #2: Um...no?
Man #1: Oh. Um, is that a bad thing then?
Man #2: I would think so.
Man #1: (feels down pants) Holy shit! My nuts are jelly!
Man #2: Seems like you've got the Jonas Brothers, my friend.
Man #1: Oh my god, how could this happen? I was so careful.
Man #2: Did you have sex with that Hannah Montana girl Miley Cyrus?
Man #1: Shit! She told me she was safe!
by Big Dong Long Wong April 15, 2008
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Rising Disney whore band that attracts millions of overly obsessed 7-19 year old girls who treat them like they're GOD. They are not God, they're a bunch of faggot ass bastards who don't know real music and wear skinny jeans.

These hairy-lipped cuntbags had to suck cock to get where they are now. Poor Walt Disney is surely rolling over in his grave right about now. Good thing he's DEAD so he doesn't have to HEAR their music or SEE his beloved Disney SPIRALLING down a toilet.

This definition is most likely going to be rejected by a JoBlow die hard fan, but you know what? FUCK YOU IT'S MY OPINION. FREEDOM OF MOTHERFUCKING SPEECH, YOU TOOL!
Me: Wow, what has our world come to? *shakes head and walks away*
by Respedeutsch August 28, 2009
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A gay ass group of 3 homos who belong in the genre of Disney Shit. They sing like they wieners are being twisted at the same time, and they wear homo skinny jeans and low cut shirts. Most girls who are fans dont understand what true music is, and they scream everytime they see them.
Angela:y dnt u lik the jonas brothers?? Joe is soo cute!!
Alex:Because they have no talent, and they look like fags. What the fuck happened to Mickey Mouse? Now all we have is Hannah Montana, and those homos.
by MegaPickle March 14, 2009
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