anyone between the ages of 10-12, maybe 13

usually rather stuck up, shops at limited 2 and listens to GC and yellocard, usher, beyonce, and such.

wicked annoying
That pre-teen is getting on my nerves
by Sassymae February 17, 2005
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A girl or boy from 10-12 years old who is different from a tween. Some people think that we are immature wannabe teen sluts. Fortunately we do not all share this personality. Im a 10 year old and i'm actually quite intelligent. I find it very immature that some people think we are stupid and seriously NoBDY TyPEs LyK DiS.
Me,(A preteen) actually having a intelligent conversation, wearing age appropriate clothes, and not typing LyK DiS.
by NerdleTheTurtle June 06, 2013
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A person between the ages of 11-13.

The girls are stereotyped to be slutty, wannabe, asshole's who smear glitter on their face and wear aeropostale in order to be "cool." They also are said to faint at the mention of anything Disney related and masterbate to pictures of Justin Bieber.

Yes I am a 12 year old girl. I take no shame to my age, but I am offended when I hear things like this.
I hate glitter, I think it's tacky. I also hate aeropostale, I don't like it because, well it's just not my style. I think Disney Channel is dumb, and I don't find Justin Bieber attractive and I don't like his music. Yes I have friends that act like this, but that doesn't mean all of us do.
Ignorant judgemental person- "Ewwwww she's a Pre-teen she must be stupid and masturbate to photo's of Justin Bieber!Hahahahahaha."

Person with sense- "Maybe she's not like that, get to know someone before you judge. She could be a perfectly normal human being."

Ignorant person- "Yea right."
by gryffindorpride July 22, 2011
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Annoying little kids who try to act older and hang out with older kids because they think the older kids like them when they really just feel sorry for them. Ages 10-12.

1. Pre-teen girl - Sometimes a tramp, or a wannabe, that acts a certain way to get attention from others. They talk about how they think older guys are hott and how the older guys flirt with them because they think they are older than their age. Someone who TyPeS LikE THiS.

2. Pre-teen boy- A wannabe, or a self-centered loser who lacks intelligence, the way they type is very annoying and hard to read. They like to go after older girls because they really dig themselves in. They talk about how big their "cock" is when everyone knows their dicks are tiny. They also talk about how they get to say up late and get to go to places.

Annoying. That's why I hate kids that age these days. Maybe if you went back like 6-4 yrs. ago, than it would be different, but it wouldn't be now.
Pre-teen girl: LiKe OMg!!!1!!!1, thIs HIGh ScHooL BoY AsKED Me OUt!!!!11 I AM ExiCted. Tooooo BaD HE DoEsN'T KnOw ThAt I AM 12. HAhaHAhAhAHa.

Pre-teen boy: Yo motherfuker, your momma is so fat, that she can't even stand on her bed without making it collapse.

Paedophile (someone who is attracted to underage people): Oooh look over there, I see a very underage girl who has caught my attention, I have found out that she uses chatrooms, so I am going to got on the chat site she uses and pretend to be another preteen.

Me or someone with intelligence: Fucking little kids really need lives. The paedophiles are going to have fun with you guys.

by AwesomeXCore March 31, 2007
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A person that is misunderstood for a preppy little cheerleader who secretly loves disney channel. I'm a pre- teen, totally mellow and love Green Day, Nirvana, and skateboarding. So?! I wear lip gloss, my younger friend wears eye liner. By the way, we could spend over 2 hours trashing Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, etc... I am not a abercombie and fitch shopper, I am not what you think I am! I'm told by many people I have the independence, look of a teen. Someone who I walked pass was like: "She looks likes she's actually 17 except height and puberty stuff." (Not exact words, that's be weird).
Teenager: Look at that little pre teen listening to her Selena Gomez on her fancy little iPod her parents had to buy.

*12 year old listening to Come as You Are, worrying about all the money she wasted buying her iPod that took 3 years to pay for, walks down the street*

16 year old: Look wearing lip gloss, but probably worships Miley Cyrus

*12 year old goes on her phone to her blog trashing disney channel celebs*

Normal Person: Look at that awesome maturity, and teenager personality she has.
Normal Person's Friend: I know right?!
by yuppers123456789 July 04, 2011
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Honestly, these definitions are really supid, ans here's exactly why:
Literally NOONE tyyyyPPeEs LLlIiiiiKke thhhissSSS

No one who is human watches Hannah Montana (ITS 2018 BIOTCHES)

Mosr preteens dread being a teen
We don't 'smear glitter on our faces' why????

Again, no one likes Justin Bieber or 1 Direction or The Jonas Brothers.
And the stuff about 'not being talented' well my 11 year old bff can do back flips & aerials. Like you can do that.
The only reason I'm acting bratty rn in because im offended.

Retards!? No, no, no :x
And finally, from the examples youve given, you're 100% preteen. Surprise!

Its 2018, learn to GROW UP
Preteens are just like any other normal decent person!
by hihihihihiihihihihiihihi September 23, 2018
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a youth between the ages 10 and 12. has no taste in music or fashion other than the things he or she sees on popular television. pre pubescent little fucks that have voices that crack and undeveloped cleavage.

some guy: oh well then billy, why don't you tell me why you like chris brown so much?

pre-teen: definitely the lyrics.
by kristov June 19, 2006
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