1. (n) shallow person, typically obsessed with being pretty/ popular; 2. (n) high-school girl who wears pink spaghetti-strap shirts and miniskirts about 5" wide; 3. (n) a well-dressed slut
Person A: You ever notice how preppies frequently end up pregnant by the 11th grade?
Person B: Yeah, and it's always by the football captain!
by iluvjackrussells June 30, 2005
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I dumb word that weird punk kids with blue hair and black clothes call normal people.
The school is full of preppies!
by Macky September 08, 2004
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A stuck-up cunt, the scum of the earth, known to populate most of Montreal. Always owns an iPod, loves crap like Frank Sinatra, and is as pretentious as possible. Likes to wear starched shirts, often pink, and pop their collar because they think they understand the music everyone else listens to. They always follow the latest trends without any sense of originality and smell like expensive cologne. Known to exercise the cock-block even though they usually have miniscule, tiny penises.

Usually a rich snob bastard who thinks their breeding or social class makes them cooler than other people. Actually they're going to be the first to die when the revolution occurs and I will personally eat many of their hearts.

These fuckers are worse than cockroaches and will end up being behind the utter destruction of the planet via commercialization and globalization. They are actually the Fourth Reich and definitely vote Conservative or Republican. If you see one, shoot first and ask questions later.

That preppie motherfucker's collar has so much starch in it that Atkins has issued a warning against it.
by no_os May 22, 2006
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a bitch who thinks that they are a god because the wear gay ass american asshole and abercrombie and bitch you know stuff like that
i suck dick because im a preppie
by jordan March 07, 2004
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The High School version of Yuppie; Someone who's good with both sports and academics, who wears far too much Ambercrombie and Fitch and who drinks a lot of Starbucks coffee. They are often arrogant douches like their older brothers and sisters, the yuppie.
Half the people I knew in my High School.
Preppie: I'm in calc three.
Me: wow, what are you majoring in?
Preppie: What do you care? Go fuck yourself. You major in that, ok?
Me: *blocks him and reports him as spam*
by AmericanPhysicist August 08, 2008
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A young kid whose parents are doctors or other affluent people and can afford to send their child to prep school. Some preppies attend public high schools and their dress reflects their economic status as millionaire's sons/daughters.
Sophia always keeps up with the latest fashions, fads and trends. She likes the preppie look.
by GuidoPosse69 February 20, 2005
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The kids in school that are popular and have sex with all the hot girls/ or dickhead jock guys. They are usually rich and kick punk kids like me litle asses :( they can be nice to nerds sometimes when they need a good grade to stay on the basketball team.
by no-name September 08, 2003
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