Atkins is a term for a friend that has your back no matter what.

An Atkins is loyal, loving, salt of the earth, kind, funny as fuck and quite possibly an excellent lover.

To have an Atkins is to have a rare treasure for they are few are far between.
Great Atkins are hard to find, impossible to leave and hard to forget.
by Wordywordyson November 11, 2014
A man with the last name, usually teased because his name partially rhymes with Fat.
Hey Fatkins
Something dumb, plain, lame, and boring.
In other words somewhere you don't want to be. A hated location.
Lets leave this party is so Atkins.
by Chantel_Bea July 18, 2008
A consumer of meat from the penis of an animal.
The name Philip Atkin would mean Philip Penis Meat Eater.
by Fatkins Diet February 10, 2009
He thinks he is always handsome and likes to self-compliment. His phone cover even state "I unreasonably handsome."
He fits all compliments for his ego....he likes to style his hair too in a certain manner. apparently he is the YANDAO quotes by the CHIOBU of swimming team

He's a nice person thou :)
Our yandao is atkin!!
by EISSACASS October 13, 2018
Possibly sexually oriented towards vegetables. Mega chad in all other aspects.
Enormous penis.
Wow, Joseph Atkins just ate 58 carrots in the span of six seconds. Good for him.
by Ihavelosttheabilitytofeelmytoe December 16, 2021