Public High is the state of being high as to where you are pretty blitzed, but you can still function in public and hold relatively intelligent conversations.
"Man you couldn't even talk at that party last night." -Guy 1
"Yea dude, I was waayyy past public high, man. I was too gone." -Guy 2
by zachman4589 October 27, 2009
The place where hope, dreams, love, passion and friendship dies in a cum-stain smelling, hormone surrounded freak show from hell where little sadistic freaks go to beat on anyone who isn't retarted enough to decide to think the same and to beat on the people who are PROUD to be outsiders and there-selves and know that the idea of a 'mainstream' and 'normal' are bollocks made by foolish people to dehumanize others to spread toxic beliefs that hold society down.

And as for those outsiders who are proud to be who they are, they will always be treated as the 'bad guy' and will always be tortured for no-known reason, but they don't care, there outsiders, being a outsider is the best way to live, after all.
God got really fucking pissed one day and dammed Jerry to a place far, far, worse than hell to the point it is a senseless comparison, Public High School.
by KimPine June 25, 2021