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Anarchism is possibly the most misunderstood political philosophy ever.

Anarchy can work, and HAS worked, but right now probably wouldn't work with the state the world is in right now (drugs, gangs, civil wars, etc.)

Anarchy is not chaos, as laws are uneccessary anyway, even when there is a government to enforce them. As Ammon Hennacy said, "Oh, judge, your damn laws, the good people don't need them and the bad people don't follow them, so what good are they?" Like I said before, if anarchy were to happen right now chaos would probably ensue, but this largely due to how fucked up our governments have let the world become.

Government is an unneccessary evil. The idea that people should be bound by agreements their ancestors made is absurd. I believe I am better fit to run my own life that George Bush is.

If you ever see anny dumbass in an anarchy shirt from hot topic, scribbling it in textbooks at school, I want you to ask them to explain anarchy to you. Chances are they have no fucking clue as to what they're talking about and will tell you that they want chaos so that they can blow things up and drink. Punch them in the face for me.

Anarchy would be a very bad idea to try right now. In times like these anarchism is better left as an ideal for people who do get it. It's not something worth arguing about over the internet, because anarchy is not going to happen on a large enough scale to matter in anyone's lifetime who is alive today, and if there was anarchy, there probably wouldn't be an internet for very long ;).
All my teachers want to tell me how bad an idea anarchy would be, when I already know that. They need to tell that to the idiots who listen to sexist and homophobic music such as Insane Clown Posse and wear anarchy shirts they bought from Hot Topic.
by borstalbreakout December 1, 2006
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a cut-and-paste comedian who is only still in business because dave chappele won't go back to comedy central. he attempts to make his fans believe he is edgy and controversial when in fact nobody is offended by him unless its because hes the sorriest excuse for a comedian ever. has the audacity to nickname himself "the punisher" and talk about how i live under a rock because i dont enjoy his show.
carlos mencia may be the biggest dee dee dee i ever saw
by borstalbreakout August 29, 2006
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dell is where you buy a piece of shit computer for next to nothing, and then spend at least 4 times as much as you did on the computer adding enough things to actually make it usable. after that, you get to spend two days getting rid of all the spyware and worthless programs they bundle with it.
that guy was right... you have to spend 3,000 dollars to get a dell to work like they say...
by borstalbreakout November 27, 2006
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an overrated web browser that somehow got every other site on the internet to try to force it on people
by borstalbreakout October 9, 2006
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the most pointless word ever devised, because anyone who accuses someone else of being a "preppie" has about a 98% chance of being the bigger prep themselves
faggy goth kid who just paid 65 dollars for hot topic jeans that will fall apart in a month: hey, look at the preppie, he just bought clothes from american eagle!
person who shopped at american eagle: what? i'm a prep for spending 10 dollars on pants at american eagle, but if you pay 20 dollars for an anarchy shirt from hot topic (one that was made by kids in a sweatshops, way to fight for the cause) you're somehow not a "preppie?"
by borstalbreakout October 16, 2006
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opera with microsfot's logo. the beta is very buggy and incompatible with many other internet applications.
i installed internet explorer 7 and the my pc would bsod every time i turned it on. i had to boot into safe mode and use system restore to fix it.
by borstalbreakout October 1, 2006
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to answer someone else's question about my pc...

-does your windows laptop/desktop have a built in camera above the screen for video chatting and taking pictures and videos with ur friends like a photo booth?
not built in, but i had 10 dollars for one... which is better than a thousand dollars for an apple..

-does your windows laptop/desktop come with a remote control so you can play music, movies, pictures and more from across the room?

-does your windows laptop have a backlit keyboard?
no, but i tend to worry more about my computer actuaually working than how it looks...

-does your windows computer look anywhere near as hottt as apple's designs?
yes. you can CUSTOMIZE PCs, change things around, put it in new cases... it looks much better than a mac

-can you download and open EVERY email and file without worrying even a little bit about getting a virus? there are 8 known mac viruses, and over 20, 000 windows ones! yes- that's a real fact.
i have virus scanners, so yes, i can

-and let me also ask why all the people who are computer geniuses and web programmers and scientists and musicians and artists all use macs?
i know many people who probably know a shitload more about computers than you do and they wouldn't even want to touch a mac.

-can you type anything in a convenient search bar and your computer automatically searches inside all your documents, files, your music, your pictures, every single piece of information on your computer for items matching that search?
yes, its built right into windows. has been sine windows 98.

-can you click on the application dashboard and have all your widgets pop onto the screen (one for the weather forecast, one that uses your camera to provide you with a mirror, dictionary, calculator, calendar, and a family guy quote, and anything else you can possibly think of) and then with one click have it all disappear again?

-can you press one key and have all the windows you have open appear miniturized on your screen so you can pick the one you want quickly and easily?
macintosh users think there computers are so great because they have moronic quirks built into them to hide the fact that the operating system that they're using sucks. i could achieve everything that a mac can do on a windows pc that will actually get stuff done with about 3 or 4 thrid party programs.

and yes, i've used macs before and seen them crash. a lot.
by borstalbreakout October 14, 2006
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