The phrase less is more means that having just the essential things is better than having way too much of superfluous things. It allows you to focus on what matters
The homie said "Hov', it ain't many of us"
I told 'em "Less is more, n*gga, it’s plenty of us
by Fearfullessness February 22, 2020
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When an item or product costs more than a similar one with less sugar or salt content, which seems to suggest that having lesser or fewer of something is more inconvenient or harder to produce, or making a decision to be healthier is dearer—could it also be a mere marketing gimmick to lure health-conscious freaks?
A six-pack of Chrysanthemum Tea costs $1.95, but a similar one with lower sugar content costs $2.30; two isotonic bottle drinks cost $3.95, while the ones with zero sugar cost $4.40—aren’t these two cases prove that “less is more”?
by Fasters September 8, 2022
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The awesomest song on guitar hero 2 and the best song by freezepop! The remixes are totally rad as well.
by Frogo December 21, 2008
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less talk. more do. or "LTMD" is a symbol of hope and motivation. It's an expression used to encourage optimism and motivation. The company less talk. more do. has a mission and that is to remind people that they are capable of doing great things. It's website sells products and apparel with the trademark less talk. more do.
You keep talking about going to the gym? Alright then, "less talk. more do."
by Anything Ispossible December 5, 2013
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Song by Freezepop that first appeared in Guitar Hero II. It now appears in their album "Future Future Future Perfect".
The song contains 1437 notes on the expert difficulty of Guitar Hero II.
Less Talk More Rokk is made of win.
by JEML October 26, 2007
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A phrase which is chanted at rock performers who generally choose to spend more time talking over their mics than playing music
Frontman:"Yeah there was this great chicken at the buffet earlier tod-"

by SilverHammer July 28, 2008
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when someone is talking too much instead of smiling
I don't know how to use talk less smile more in a sentence.
by creamycheezz April 11, 2020
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