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Another boring town west of Boston. Features the lowest level of minorities in the state, and the highest level of white people who think they're black. Most boring possible place to live besides Dunstable, which is slightly more boring. Home to the Groton School, but most people in Groton are too dumb and therefore go to Groton-Dunstable Regional.
Groton: Just another bullshit town.
by ohgoddamnit July 07, 2009
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Groton, A small town In South Eastern Connecticut. All the kids their are basically the same. The guys are caught up in their 'Shoe game'. The guys here spend alot of time with their 'boys'. Often getting high/drunk and then doing gay shit with eachother, like shoving items up eachothers asses. Girls on the other hand are completely open about what they do with their sexual life. Often 2 girls say they're bestfriends, 'get drunk' and use that as an excuse to fuck eachothers brains out. Most girls here are whores, who have countless STD's. Overall, the guys and girls have the same attitude. Willing to do anything for a little attention! Yup that's groton.
"I live in a shitty town with ratchet girls, and wannabe guys!"
"OH you must be talking about Groton!"
by Call me avalanche July 20, 2012
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Groton MAssachusetts is some small bootleg town where everyone except me is rich and white. everyone drives their parents car or worse they got their own fucking brand new ride. and theres never anything to do but get fucked up
by OK March 31, 2005
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Groton, Massachusetts is a very boring, average town with very average people. Most people are nice but may judge you behind your back. Most kids go to Groton-Dunstable Regional High School except for the stuck up, rich, slackers who go to Groton School.
Those people are awesome, they must be from Groton.
by JRF527 December 14, 2010
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a school where they have fun shoving broomsticks up each other's asses
by dadada1234 December 22, 2005
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Decent boarding school that holds great pride in its academics and athletics. However, what actually goes on inside the school is a whole different story - students drink, smoke, slack off work, and show off their wealth through excess fashion and cars. Campus is miserable and dorm room walls aren't even walls.

A lot of joking about being gay which 60% of the school probably is.

Clearly a school filled with Andover and Exeter rejects.
Smart kid: "YES! I got into Andover!!! What school did you get into?"
Fag: "I got rejected from every school I applied to... Except for Groton"
Smart kid: "Sucks to be you"
by HolyMotherOfCows May 04, 2013
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