A space where students in middleschool and highschool hang up their coats, backpacks, and store items such as books or extra pencils. On lockers, there are combinations, made up of numbers, that need to be turned in the right order in order to open the locker. Lockers, although reasonably tall, are too thin, so you have to squish your backpack and jacket into them and hope you can close your locker door. Students visit their lockers several times in between classes to get books, binders, and other materials for different classes. In a large school, there are over a thousand lockers in the building, many of which are right next to each other in hallways.
I can barely open my locker while the person next to me is opening theirs.
by Somenobody November 30, 2006
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Jewish racial term
Term used to Describe people acting Jewish
Don't be a Locker! Give me my money back!
by Punk Bitch May 21, 2007
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A locker is the schoolyard equivalent of real estate.
Wow Jim sure has a monopoly over the lockers near room 12b
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When you’re performing missionary with a girl and on the brink of orgasm they squirm and lock their legs around your ankles
“Yo dude, that girl from tinder wouldn’t stop locking her legs around my ankles

“Dude sounds like you had a locker!”
by Dougtherug September 7, 2019
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The act of being at one's locker.
"Oh man, yesterday before school I saw Andréa lockering."
by Rupert Gehmlich January 25, 2006
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