Precum refers to a viscous liquid that oozes from the opening at the tip of a man's penis when he is sexually aroused. It is a clear, generally odorless and tasteless liquid that is released by the Cowper's glands. When a man is HIV-positive, pre-cum sometimes has the virus in it. Sometimes spelled pre-cum.
Sometimes when I masturbate I precum so much that I don't need any other lube.
by the other theo June 28, 2004
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Cum that you CAN get pregnant from. So, pulling out quick enough won't always work.
I should have worn a condom, I never knew precum could have an effect.
by veggieness April 1, 2005
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that first lil drop of clear liquid that come out of your manhood when you think you're gonna get lucky.
"Oh that taste? just a lil precum, my dear, don't stop now"
by The Jammer August 10, 2003
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Clear sticky fluid that drips out of a mans penis, after visual or physical stimulation
His cock oozed pre cum as he watched the porno flick
by Scottyboy February 22, 2003
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The pearlescent drop of cloudy sticky fluid that forms at the tip of the penis after visual or physical stimulation
"She had teased his cock for nigh on 20 minutes. Just before she began to suck him,she found a drop of precum oozing from his meatus.She licked it off with apparent relish and smiled up at him."

His cock oozed pre cum as he watched the porno flick
by John R. December 8, 2003
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...that clear, gooey ghost-semen that embarrassingly oozes through the urethra univited to prematurely soil the the very least
She recoiled when she reached into his drawers and encountered a small lake of precome!
by Gspot May 13, 2003
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That embarrassing spot that can form on one's pants, from dancing with a lady, even if no obvious erection is present. (See also premature ejaculation and pronatalist.)
My Dad said you can get precum oozing, just by dancing with a lady.

Precum can contain millions of sperm, a good reason for not playing around with arousing sexual feelings, or engaging in "outercourse, "early withdrawal," or other risky behaviors.
by Pronatalist April 26, 2008
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