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Also know as the "Coalminers Girlfriend" a tight water or gel filled tube that canbe used as a faux-gina (see faux-gina)to fill in on long camping or fishing trips or anytime you may think you are alone for 5 minutes or more.
The minute she left the house after I'd had my clamfeed, I slapped on a Minkman Sleeve and felt good all over
by The Jammer August 11, 2003
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the soft fleshy flap o' skin that hangs down from the upper arms of old people and shimmers and shakes under the slightest movement of the rest of the body
Did you see Jagger's Biceptual Flappage on the Superbowl XL half time show?
by The Jammer February 6, 2006
When you've eaten about as much clam as you can; mainly because she's gone for groceries
Go get some chips, I've had just about enough clamfeed for today
by The Jammer August 8, 2003
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5 o'cock beaver shadow on an Afro-American
She must have had that bastard waxed overa week ago, i could sand my nose offon her blark
by The Jammer August 11, 2003
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The shadow given by a large breasted chick that can be seen from very far away , thus you know she has a good set of mammae and you wait until she gets closer to see just how right you were.Also known as "SHADDAGE" and interchangeable with "Fleurs de Rocaille")
"Oh Roche Bobois " she is giving nice shadage , and in about 30 seconds she'll be close enough that I can feel a tingle
by The Jammer August 11, 2003
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that first lil drop of clear liquid that come out of your manhood when you think you're gonna get lucky.
"Oh that taste? just a lil precum, my dear, don't stop now"
by The Jammer August 11, 2003
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located about 4 " below a womans navel and the mons veneris, usually close shaven or waxed, ( where one would normally expet to see the pubis
She had a 5 o'clok shadow on her prefonatine
by The Jammer August 10, 2003
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