When you're so high you think you're on a level of 10/10 highness and then you suddenly get even higher; now 11/10. That's a pothole.
Woah I just fell two potholes deep.
by Anjisms January 07, 2015
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A huge crater in the road, many found on Staten Island.
Hey Ian! Watch out for that pothole!!!!
by Jrellsz January 19, 2017
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A hole where people grow pot.
I'm gonna go out to the Pot Hole so we can get to toakin' the roach.
by Kandis June 20, 2004
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The sudden and momentary loss of memory caused by an excess of marijuana. Usually short-term, but with long-term pot use, create huge holes in the memory.
He: I was sayin', man... what was I sayin'?

She: You were sayin' something about this chronic, man.
He: I don't remember. I must've hit a pot hole.
by SugarFreeLimeJello December 18, 2010
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when someone is talking a load of crap that doesn't make any sense, you can ask them to shut their pot-hole, to get them to shut the f up. ex: "shut your face / pot-hole"
"shut your pot-hole!"
by nikkilyy July 24, 2009
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Modern internet slang for hyperlinks, used when talking about a lot of them on wikis. Coined due to long strings of hyperlinks being confusing and annoying to people on phones.

All the text before this sentence is just potholes.
P1: Fuck, I didn't mean to press that.
P2: Yeah, it's annoying. That wiki's full of potholes.
by sarysa2 June 25, 2017
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