Wayne: Party on Garth!
Garth: Party on Wayne!
Wayne: Excellent!
by Drachnik December 21, 2008
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Keep on going. Don't let anything get you down.
Joe: Hi Bob! How's it going?
Bob: I have to take my dog to the vet. He has fleas!
Joe: Whoa. Dude. Well, party on, my man!
by Silvia Scarlet April 07, 2008
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Where you get drunk and be somebody.
Is it a party, or a party party?

Matt went to the party party dressed in an outlet costume.
by Sliesl July 22, 2009
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a party that includes alcoholic beverages.
guy 1: "are you going to Cam's party this weekend?"

guy 2: "well that depends. is it a party party, or just a party?"
by lam26 February 04, 2010
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There was a party last night, but I wasn't invited.
by NGFL November 16, 2005
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The Party of NO! is a name the Republican Party earned as a result of voting NO on any proposal brought up in Washington by the Majority Democrats since January 2009.
The G.O.P. is so twisted by hate for President Barack Obama that they refuse to cooperate in anyway with Democrats. They continue to vote against Democrats' ideas while not presenting any good alternative ideas of their own.
The Party of NO! is made up of Obama Haters, obstructionist bastards, sore losers and other assorted fuckwits.
by Charles_U_Farley April 02, 2010
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to be totally wasted by alcohol or drugs
"Sorry about yesterday, I was in parties.. I couldn't even walk home"
by tsitsi August 13, 2008
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