To be conned, swindled, scamed or defrauded.
1..I just won the lottery me like, realy, EYES OUT!
2..That deal is proper crap, I know he's had me EYES OUT.
by daniel hobbs October 5, 2006
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looking someone up and down, as if wanting to fight.
as i was passing by, he was eyeing me out like i owed him some money or something
by girl March 19, 2005
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Eyes Out. After the lady, or man if you prefer, gives you head and you bust on his/her face, promptly shove both of your thumbs in their eye sockets. This is called the "eyes out" move. Great for when you dont particularly like the person performing oral favors.
"Dog, remember Alisha? The slut that slept witht he football team? Fool, she was giving me some brain and I went eyes out on that rat!"
by Ghottishook January 24, 2007
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Like making out with somebody, except insinuating it through eye contact.
Bolt: and we had seemingly romantic moments
Bolt: when we looked into eachothers eyes
True Elroy: like
Bolt: and made out
True Elroy: the part where you made out
True Elroy: yeah
Bolt: well we didnt really make out
True Elroy: oh
True Elroy: you eyed out
by True Elroy May 6, 2004
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Common phrase yelled out by bird-dogging foremen that accuse you of not working. These foremen are never around when you need them but the second you put your tools down they seem to appear out of thin air to yell at you and ask you why you are not working.
Skilled Tradesman: "Alright Toofus , let's set our tools down and..."

Bird Dogging Forman: "What the fuck are you Toofuses doing?! You're fucking my eyes out! Get back to work!'
by 317Electrician December 18, 2016
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An event action or experience that makes you feel worse than certain death and evokes such a strong reaction that you want to violently hurt yourself in order to communicate just how bad you feel
For example getting on a commuter train in the morning whilst bitches are taking selfies and shouting about how many hours they work and that all they do is get up go to work but they managed to get a gym session in this morning but FML it's so hard earning all this money and not being able to spend it. Makes me want to GOUGE MY EYES OUT
by Sallybrownakaanon August 18, 2016
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