a hole in the road

Where one would hide his or her marijuana}
yo bro, go out to the pothole and grab me a joint
by hunterfly123456 March 19, 2009
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That sham is some pot hole. Why can't he stop acting the prick
by ghjiuy August 12, 2010
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Someone who when under the influence of marijuana becomes a complete and utter asshole.
<boy1> "Hey, are you going to Chris' party?"
<boy2> "Depends. Did he get any weed?"
<boy1> "Yeah, why?"
<boy2> "Then I don't think so. Chris can be kind of a pothole when he's high..."
by TehSloppyJoe March 19, 2010
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what do you do when you are driving along and see a pothole? you try to avoid it. Same thing happens when you see a pothole person!

Also see speedhump
'Oh fuck, here comes that stupid pothole, let's go over there so he doesn't see us'

'Damn, Ryan is such a pothole, as soon as he walks up, everyone leaves.'
by stub004 November 06, 2004
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I have always thought that if you have a memory - you should also have a forgetery. Maybe that's what the pothole is - the forgetery.

As I get older, I keep losing words. It's like my internal dictionary is broken. Mid-sentence I will stumble and stutter and hope someone can fill in my blanks. For three full years I lost the word for potholes. Even when people told me I quickly forgot. I'd say, "You know those dents in the concrete, where the street sags."

When I told a friend about what happened, he started using the word "pothole" to explain whenever someone is at a loss for words. He says, "Musta dropped it in the pothole."
As I get older I lose my words to the pothole.
by stillonline January 03, 2010
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