An old typicaly ugly woman who is a bitch. may also have one or several cats
yo dude old bitch betty is workin at the store today and she always cards me for smokes
by JEFF BEAM May 6, 2006
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Being suddenly wary of having referred to the recently deceased as a "bitch"
You're at the funeral of a woman you didn't much like. In fact, she was a real turd and you know it. Perhaps she was the nun who slapped your hands with a ruler when you were in Catholic school. As you walk past the casket you mumble to yourself "I'm glad you're dead, you old bitch" and you are. But suddenly you notice that people are looking at you. You may have said that a little too loudly. Or maybe they can just read lips, you really can't be sure. In that moment when you realize something may be amiss, you are officially old bitch you wary.
by zombies8 October 9, 2011
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A dirty old bitch with a penchant for sucking crooked penises and getting ass-fucked by door knobs and broom sticks while getting repeatedly teabagged by low-hanging old man balls.
My friend Robb is the biggest D.O.B.T. (Dirty Old Bitch Timmy) on the planet. He sucks more cock than all the whores in Las Vegas combined. His eyes are black and blue from all the old man nuts slapping his face and his hole is stretched wider than the Grand Canyon from riding so many door knobs.
by MixedUpMixerMan July 13, 2012
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An old unhappy bitch that complains about things that are insignificant or that do not even exist. She can be found in most typical office environments.
Sheryl is always bitching about other people and needs to mind her own fucking business; she is such an old bitty bitch.
by rofl1582 February 5, 2009
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A woman that is negative about everything. Usually have low selfesteem.
That's one OBB! Old Bitter Bitch!! She always have something negative to say.
by Prettynotpetty10 October 1, 2015
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1.) elderly,bitter person that can't let go of their youth
2.) Vincent Dot Mccraw
3.) Joan rivers
That bitch know she's too much of a old ass bitch to be wearing that!
by Douglass davis April 16, 2006
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