48 definitions by 2014_chiguy

Joe: Here comes Becky. She's the hottest chick in the office.

James: Yeah. She'll get it.
by 2014_chiguy November 22, 2012
General insult; the consumption of monkey ass is not expected or required
Joe: Is it okay if I sext your ex-girlfriend?

Mike: Eat monkey ass.
by 2014_chiguy November 26, 2013
Joe: I texted you earlier. What happened?

Mike: My POSA phone was acting up. I need to upgrade.
by 2014_chiguy June 5, 2013
a joke that makes people say "ooh" instead of laugh
Comedian: Did you guys hear about Paris? She said the N word at a party. For once in her life, she made the news for something that came out of her mouth.

Audience: Ooh!

this is an ooh joke
by 2014_chiguy October 12, 2007
The extreme fear of running over a pothole. Habits of those with this affliction include driving under the speed limit, swerving frequently to avoid any cracks or bumps in the road, and taking alternative routes despite an increased commute. This usually sets in shortly after blowing a tire when running over a pothole.
Joe: Why were you guys late for work today?

Mike: Jeff took a strange route and drove under the speed limit the whole way.

Joe: Pothole paranoia claims another victim.
by 2014_chiguy January 15, 2014
When a right handed person is forced to masturbate with his left hand
Joe: What happened to your wrist?

Mike: I sprained it at the gym. I've gotta go lefty for the next two weeks.

Joe: That sucks.
by 2014_chiguy June 5, 2013
A rosebud with Tajín sprinkled on it.
A Tijuana rose tastes better than most of the food I’ve eaten.
by 2014_chiguy September 8, 2021