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Awesome move done in Mortal Kombat when the big voice guy says "Finish Him!"
And you obliterate your opponent
"Finish Him!"
"Sub-Zero Wins , Fatality"
by Rane May 08, 2003
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When you violently disembowel a rival at which Shao Kahn/ chuck Norris( whichever is avalible) claims you won
by Reedy28 March 03, 2012
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A dance move inspired by Mortal Kombat in which, while grinding, the partner in front drops it low and proceeds to slap the floor with open palms. Said partner is then free to slowly rise, with their hands remaining on the floor as long as possible.
“Oh, you’re the girls we were dancing with when I threw down a Fatality.”
“Yeah, we didn’t know guys pulled moves like that.”
by NatalieDePortia August 14, 2011
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Man, I was at the casino the other day on lost 3,000 dollars after winning it. That's fatality son!
by Ole_man_stetter December 12, 2010
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Also known as "finishing moves," involve the act of ensuring that you''re one night stand remains just that, a one night stand. This can be anything from shoving her of the bed upon ejaculation, and yelling a mortal combat reference, to the well known strawberry shortcake, bull riding, or angry dolphin
1. Dude I used a new fatality last night, Upon finishing I cried and told her "i never thought my first time would be this beautiful" shes never calling again

2. "I hope she never calls me again"

"Just use the bull rider, that fatality works everytime
by Unmannedshit April 07, 2014
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Something very fun to scream after beating the shit out of someone - preferably small, helpless, and pathetic.
Jimmy: Hey guys!
Jimmy: Wh-*splatter*
by LeagueOfLulz July 04, 2011
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