“My buddy Johnny fell into a deep pothole after binging all weekend on weed.”
by SalvyZ July 27, 2019
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An extremely rare condition that causes a person to become more of an asshole instead of less of an asshole after they smoke pot.
That pothole just smoked all my weed then had sex with my dog (who’s male) and ate all the food I made for my mother.
by EPARAPE April 26, 2018
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Going into a k-hole experience whilst under the influence of weed
'Dude I went into a serious pot hole I thought I was dying'
by Trippyboi October 18, 2015
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Guy 1: bro she lookin thicc.

Guy 2: no bro she just got pot holes.
by D3MoNEyS666 April 10, 2020
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