Any female who exchanges sexual favors for marijuana
"Man, that girl ain't nothing but a pothole."
by Vale4222 December 2, 2009
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forgetting what you're doing while you're doing it, or losing one's train of thought mid-sentence due to excessive marijuana consumption.
"I went to the store for rolling papers and completely forgot why I was there."

"Dude, you fell into a pothole..."
by Potholey April 30, 2009
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a hole in the road

Where one would hide his or her marijuana}
yo bro, go out to the pothole and grab me a joint
by hunterfly123456 March 20, 2009
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what do you do when you are driving along and see a pothole? you try to avoid it. Same thing happens when you see a pothole person!

Also see speedhump
'Oh fuck, here comes that stupid pothole, let's go over there so he doesn't see us'

'Damn, Ryan is such a pothole, as soon as he walks up, everyone leaves.'
by stub004 November 7, 2004
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I have always thought that if you have a memory - you should also have a forgetery. Maybe that's what the pothole is - the forgetery.

As I get older, I keep losing words. It's like my internal dictionary is broken. Mid-sentence I will stumble and stutter and hope someone can fill in my blanks. For three full years I lost the word for potholes. Even when people told me I quickly forgot. I'd say, "You know those dents in the concrete, where the street sags."

When I told a friend about what happened, he started using the word "pothole" to explain whenever someone is at a loss for words. He says, "Musta dropped it in the pothole."
As I get older I lose my words to the pothole.
by stillonline January 3, 2010
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The practice of dunking your testicles in another person's anus
"Sophie was quite surprised to hear that Jonny was potholing her friend in the library toilets"
by MaximillianPower March 18, 2015
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