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A guy that will be your best friend and even though he mocks you all the time and is very passive aggressive, you know he has your back and (hopefully) loves you. He swears all the time, but is wicked hilarious, and if you are friends with him make sure he gives you a piggy back ride because he gives fucking awesome ones.
A new kid joined our Jewish Summer Camp, I'm so excited!
His name is Amitai, this is going to be an eventful Summer.
by Living meme fangirl queen February 18, 2019
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Either a fruit, or a technology company, depending on whether you're 1st world or 3rd world
Steve jobs: look at this beautiful fucking phone
Me: yum an apple
by Living meme fangirl queen February 18, 2019
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Someone that will get mono a few days after hooking up and being super sweet with you, when you most certainly never had mono so you couldn't have given it to him.

tbh hes got a good personality but do you even know if its good or fake?
by Living meme fangirl queen January 21, 2019
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Basically OKURR butjust when the shopping, and you get vibes that make you throw random shit into the cart
Ocarrttt let's head to the mall
by Living meme fangirl queen November 5, 2018
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A crisis that occurs when someone yeets buttercream frosting into the corner of your room and you're too lazy to move it, so you then an ant infestation occurs
Damn it anya, it's been 10 days with that bag of buttercream frosting in the corner of my room, and now there are ants all over. It's really become a buttercream frosting crisis.
by Living meme fangirl queen April 28, 2019
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