the act of undermining a woman's abilities as an effective and humorous event promoter.
Eunice hired a dirigible to advertise her tupperware party, only to have her husband dismiss her efforts in a blatant act of treachery by saying "my evite was better."
by NathanielSnerpus October 29, 2009
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(v) The act of going to a public restroom in New York, sitting directly down on the toilet with your pants on, and take a fat one in your pants.
"Holy Fuck, John just committed an act of Treachery, what a fucking dumbass."
by Bobda_sheep April 16, 2021
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chains of treasonable breaking of trust and confidence by truted political associates for want of political power by all means and at all costs.
crosswind of treachery example may include a diabolical scheming for political offices in nigeria in 2003
by akinson June 9, 2009
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Any woman who is on the rag or just generaly a total bitch. Women are gay.
Blast you and your estrogenical treachery Hillary Clinton.
by Bob Edwards November 24, 2007
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an outstanding deathcore band that has released albums such as At daggers drawn and welcome to wonderland
s.o.t. is:
alex huffman-vocals
voice gajic-guitar
chris simmons-guitar
adam pierce-drums
chris patterson-bass/vocals
hey! lets listen to the new sea of treachery cd i just got! their screamo vocalist sounds sick!
by killemallhellsing July 7, 2011
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A fucking terrible band from Cincinnati Ohio that gets praise because people like stupid talentless music thats all break downs.
Sea of Treachery, A Day To Remember, and The Devil Wears Prada all suck dick.
by BAM!!!!!!! February 10, 2009
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