18 definitions by Brobacca

An affectionate nickname for Halo: Reach's Concussion Rifle, due to the gun's resemblence to the Banshee vehicle
Why are they all spawning with the banshee rifle?!
by Brobacca May 6, 2011
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A code word for any illicit substance found in a pill form and shared strictly between bros
Work sucked today man, i think we need to take our IbuBROphen
by Brobacca May 4, 2011
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A description for a smelly room, usually after someone cracks one off
Who just shat themselves?? It's a box of ass in here!
by Brobacca May 15, 2011
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The list of drugs one has done in his/her lifetime, usually recorded over the course of several years
I still want to add DMT to my drug portfolio
by Brobacca May 15, 2011
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Slang term for the plasma grenade on Halo video games, thus called because it sticks to the target when contacting them directly, effectively killing them no matter what condition their shields are in
That guy was camping with the shot gun, so i just raped him with a sticky nade. Good game, nub.
by Brobacca May 10, 2011
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A man's Bros backing him up when someone has harmed him (usually some bitch-ass bitch). A combination of the words "bro" and "retaliate" (if you couldn't figure that out on your own)
Dude, Jack's girl just dumped him brutally" "I never liked that bitch. It's time for some brotaliation!
by Brobacca April 26, 2011
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Any organized hate crime against the gay/homosexual community
Want to party at my place tonight?" "Nah, i already have a rainbow raid planned. We're armed to the teeth with eggs and flaming bags of poo""Fuck the party, i'm with you guys
by Brobacca April 26, 2011
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