Do you know why the correlation between hard work and reward/success/achievement is not 1 to 1? I can explain it... If you would like...
Hym "Do you know why people are paid a static rate as opposed to a per task payment for services rendered? Well, I read an article once (I can't remember from where) about a tech company. They make video games or something. (Assuming the article was true) They decided to switch from paying an hourly wage to a 'per task completed' payment system. And what happened? Well... Productivity skyrocketed. So much so that the company could not sustain the 'per task completed' payment system. People were completing tasks ahead of schedule and working more (in general) to make as much as they could. If there was a 1 to 1 correlation between hard work and profit everyone would work as hard as possible to make as much as possible. But that isn't the case. That CAN'T be the case. The hierarchy MUST bottleneck. Sure, you can work hard. Sure, you can be promoted up. If not, you can change jobs. It doesn't have to be YOU who remains at the bottom. But I does have to SOMEONE. Every business needs bottom level labors. And it needs them INDEFINITELY otherwise businesses can't sustain themselves. The correlation between hard work and profit must remain below 1. So what is it? At your average business. It is something that must be set by business owners. You can't promote everyone who works for you. So what is it? .4? .5? I don't have the answer. But it's something do consider when taking about the national productivity rate..."
by Hym Iam August 7, 2022
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