How to describe an ou tard after they drink or smoke. These niggas cannot contain themselves at all after consuming anything that has the potential to fuck them up. Most likely an ou tard will either vomit or just pass out, they are always out like a light.
I challenged an ou tard to match me on the dab rig but he was out like a light after just one dab, these dudes can't hang.
by TurnM3Up December 6, 2019
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when a person is at a laid back party and they are either puking, falling on their ass, or lookin like a dumbass overall
Don't invite jenny, after seeing her drunkass fall into the pool we decided she can't hang
by kerrrmaaa May 1, 2011
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1.when someone is being out of line
2.when someone can't handle their drugs/alcohol

3.someone who can't hang is someone you just dont want to be around because they're fucking annoying and retarted and candle handle their shit.
"eww Meghan is throwing up everywhere" "hahaha she can't hang!"

"should we invite laurel?" "are you kidding? she's so annoying. girl can't hang"
by fuckdapoliceeeebro January 20, 2012
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a. An amazing white reggae/rock group from Maryland.
b. A person who can not handle their booze or drugs etc. and goes to bed early
Haha steves a bitch, he is throwin up all over the place... that M.F can't hang
by Drew Allen November 3, 2005
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What you say when you see people at a party/club/wherever and they can't handle their alcohol/drugs and they're throwing up all over the place and/or passed out.
Person 2: the fuck? ahaha niggas can't hang niggas can't hang muthafuckin niggas can't hang!!!!
by themethod September 30, 2012
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When a drinking buddy starts turning down rounds cause they don't want to get any more hammered.The phrase is also used for those who have already passed out.
What the fuck dude he's already out and I counted,he only had 12 beers.That bitch can't hang,dude.
by take5burn1 February 6, 2010
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