an applied field of economics used to evaluate relative opportunity cost for speculation by mathematical manipulation of currency figures
Scott, did you double check your calculations of finance? That estimation seems far too high!
by Funkwillyp May 2, 2009
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v. To embezzle

From the Gaelic, to steal your neighbors eggs.
Andy Fastow was Enron's Chief Financial Officer.
by mandingoe April 13, 2004
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A nice ass. Used to describe someone in the vicinity who you don't want to know you're talking about her.
"Hey Max, have you checked out the finances recently" *Eyes shift towards a fine ass
by DKramandsugar August 16, 2010
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One who is well supplied with cash but is also a significant other.
My finance' paid for my car.
by guess_whoo May 17, 2007
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Objective finance is the concept that financial quality, or financial capacity/growth, that when Objectively measured, results in a measurable standard for living that can be extrapolated buy using math and other such procedures. Imagine if GDP wasn't tied to the economic output, but the economy itself, and was used to measure social and societal standards, thats Objective Finance.
"Aiden's life was amazing, because of his high-level Objective Finance"
by Obviouslyperson February 5, 2021
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One who drives a bmw with white interior leather, balks at dehumanizing hookers and overal douchey appearance to impress everyone around him with the finance firm he works for
Hes a straight finance bro, only cares about money and hoes
by Niqqa G February 22, 2016
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This is the financing you qualify for when you have extremely Bad Credit basically meaning you must pay cash.
Salesman: "Congratulations Folks, you are approved for Chinese Financing."

Customer: "What is that mean"

Salesman: "Wan Lump Sum" Due on Delivery
by DirtySanchez420 May 8, 2010
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