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an applied field of economics used to evaluate relative opportunity cost for speculation by mathematical manipulation of currency figures
Scott, did you double check your calculations of finance? That estimation seems far too high!
by Funkwillyp May 02, 2009
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Treating every relationship like it’s your last and getting super serious with someone you just started dating.
Person 1: who tf is that new chick w alex?
Person 2: idk he's been apocalypsing like crazy
by Plenty of Fish November 10, 2020
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A nice ass. Used to describe someone in the vicinity who you don't want to know you're talking about her.
"Hey Max, have you checked out the finances recently" *Eyes shift towards a fine ass
by DKramandsugar August 15, 2010
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One who is well supplied with cash but is also a significant other.
My finance' paid for my car.
by guess_whoo May 16, 2007
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v. To embezzle

From the Gaelic, to steal your neighbors eggs.
Andy Fastow was Enron's Chief Financial Officer.
by mandingoe April 13, 2004
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And of course, this word's spelling can be altered slightly from "financé" to "financeé", to refer to a lady who's engaged to a gold-digging guy, and who is viewed by him as merely a meal-ticket and/or the means to a more-fluent lifestyle
by QuacksO July 14, 2019
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