The location of the New York Stock Exchange. A monument to greed and materialism and a perversion of capitalism, where futures are carelessly traded like commodities.
The 2008 recession was caused by Wall Street's unrestrained greed.
by Scolar Visari August 22, 2010
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Wall Street can only be explained in 3 words Money,Cocaine and sex
The example is that Wall Street is the fucking shit
by Mike Stevan’s October 12, 2017
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1. The biggest casino in the world for people of Main Street (bigger than Las Vegas).

2. A term used to describe the area for Day Traders in downtown New York, where people buy and sell mostly for emotional reasons.
1. (two average Joes on Main Street)

John: I diversify my investments by spreading my dollars across many stocks.

Steve: Don't you realize you're gambling?

John: My stock broker says I'm not gambling.

Steve: Technically you're not gambling, but your stock broker is.

2. (two brokers on Wall Street)

Trever: Did you hear apple supply is up this year?

Dave: Sell! Sell! Sell!

Tever: But you didn't let me finish my ...

Dave: Buy! Buy! Buy!
by Shareeb4Prez February 23, 2009
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The greatest place on earth. You trade stocks and commodities there. make millions -billions of dollars.
My goal is to work on Wall Street and become a stock broker, and then I will become the CEO of my own investment firm.
by K.H.-What December 01, 2004
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A place of wealth and a place of death *because* not only is the NY Stock Exchange on Wall Street, but at the end is the Trinity Church cemetary, with a bunch of dead souls. The reason it is named "Wall" Street is because when NYC was just a village, the residents built a WALL out of pallisades (wood) as protection from the wild things in the forests north (around Christopher street).
Damn, one day you're a millionaire on Wall Street, the next you're in the Trinity yard at the other end.
by myron greenpoint August 26, 2006
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Patrick Bateman is a yuppie. He works at wall street

Most non-yuppies hate yuppies mainly because of the fact that they could never be the yuppie if they ever wanted to. Face it, every non-yuppie wants to be a yuppie, and every yuppie pretends to be a bohemian to add more dimensions in their materialistic lives.

Face it fellas, Yuppies , with their ivy league education, slicked hair ; Armani suits and Versace Loafters...with reservations each night at the best restaurants...driving the best cars, living in the best high rise apartment, live a life that most can only dream of.

THIS IS the American dream, anything else is but an illusory alternative. This is REALITY.
by sundarasundara February 06, 2010
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