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An up and coming superstar at a company that takes part in all company events and buys into corporate propaganda no matter how ridiculous. Often wears a tie to work even though it's business casual. Corporate often becomes their first name. A.K.A -- Golden Boy
Where is your team lead at?

Corporate went to Alabama to run with the big wigs.

Really? Why?

Who knows, that son of a bitch always has his lips locked on someone at the top's ass.
by UsualSuspects June 22, 2011
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Whenever I hear the word corporate, I get the image of indoctrinated people working on bog standard computers within an eternal sea of cubicles. Each individual works continually with no expression. They simply do the job they are assigned to. They have no personal identity, only a corporate identity. Every aspect of their being has been conditioned so they are only compatible within a corporate environment. Every aspect of their lives is an extensive marketing campaign. They eat at McDonald's. They drink at Starbucks. They sleep on furniture made by IKEA. They are part of an entity which continues to destroy until there is nothing else, all for the sole purpose of generating profit. And somewhere deep inside these people is the underlying truth that somewhere down the line they lost their humanity, and became supporters of the institutions that destroyed it...
by GoAskAlex1991 January 10, 2012
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Someone who was once considered 'fun' before they entered the working world, but who is now 'boring'. Most often found when people leave university for an office job, shedding their enjoyable social skin, and donning a far less interesting one. These people obtain the 'corporate' prefix infront of their name.
Max used to "do what he wanted", but now, 'Corporate Max' is in bed by 9 and has no time for his boys nor shenanigans.
by Aramil November 19, 2016
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Oppressively awful in that numbingly "cubicle in a hermetically-sealed office" kind of way: lacking good quality, morality or ethics, excellence, creativity, spontaneity, kindness, love, integrity, beauty, or intrinsic worth and meaning, i.e. corporate
"Yeah, we saw the movie version, and it was, like, totally corporate."
by mardukio March 20, 2007
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Anyone thing or person that does not titalate your interest, something that is mundane, boring or even negative. Possibly something that takes too much attention or problem-solving skills to complete.

"That job you got has no zing to it, it's just plain corporate."
by jeredh January 19, 2008
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The spouse, in the sense that she would need to approve a purchase, trip, or activity.
Man, I was going to get that 47-inch Sony flat screen, but Corporate would only sign off on a 32-inch Hitachi.

Sorry, Corporate didn't approve the Vegas weekend. Go on without me.
by burnt sox March 28, 2010
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Noun. A hipster slang word that describes someone or something to be mainstream or un-exclusive.
Hipster 1: hey, do you like Iron and Whine?

Hipster 2: don't be ridiculous they turned into corporates ever since they had a song on the twilight album.
by Morehipsterthanholly February 05, 2012
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