Euchre terminology

Noun - a play that results in an opponent who has called trump and gone alone to not win a single trick.

Verb - to perform the aforementioned play.
Arnie called spades alone, but went on to be capistranoed.
by GANGstErr76 August 12, 2011
The beer flows like wine here and salmon instinctively flock here.
a little place like....ASPEN
by Napa2046 November 11, 2004
The best place in Orange County to live and play.
Kel and Toni love living in Capistrano Beach.
by Toni Renee October 2, 2008
Sexual slang for having sexual activity with a condom, then after ejaculation, the male gives the condom to the female who "swallows" the contents.
Mary performed a San Juan Capistrano last night after I went up Hershey Highway.
by Allen Hawkinson April 6, 2006
a beautiful and over populated little city. has a wonderful mission and amazing much more authentic mexican food available. it holds a parade around march welcoming the swallows back from 6,000 miles away at their winter vacation spot in Goya, Argentina.
hometown san juan capistrano
by chachaaa June 3, 2009
A City 60 miles south of Los Angeles that used to be peaceful back in the day. Its crime has climbed since then thanks to illegal immigration. Racial Makeup of city is 65 Percent Hispanic, 1 percent black and 33 percent white. Stay away from the La Zanja Neighborhood after 6pm. You will get jumped and or shot. A good City to Buy Meth or Other Drugs/illegal things. Anything On the East Side is good and middle class. West of Camino On the Railroad Tracks means trouble. Don't EVER Drift into that part of town after night unless you want to get jumped. South Side and Downtown are peaceful for the most part and you may run into the occasional cool homeless person that will buy you beer! A Small city of 30,000 people but varies greatly depending on which part your in! And Lets not Forget the Multi Million dollar mansions up in the hills that are targets of home invasion robberies.
Hey man i was in west san juan capistrano last night and Got jumped by the san juan crips at night on La Zanja by the train tracks. Then i went back to my crib in irvine where its safe and full of richies!
by ACaakesterFan April 27, 2010