originated in vancouver, the word pook generally describes a junkie or someone addicted to drugs.

other common relating words:
feck up
you fecking pook head.
by POOKHEAD December 5, 2007
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Van C term used referring to crackheads, junkies etc.
Billy: I need more customers, I gotta get rid of this ounce, can you help me out?

Timmy: yeah I got some pooks numbers ill give you.

Billy: thanks nigguh.
by VanC February 21, 2011
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Noun; Nickname given to a friend or lover, often male in non-intimate settings. The longer version: pooky is used in private, often by a lover. Similar to honey and Honey Buns}. Varianet: (the)Pookster, used around friends; refers to lover or close friend.
1. "Pook, let's get to the store."
2. "Pookie, you were great last night!"
3. "Girls, I need coffee - Pookster went all night!"
by ShortHairLvr August 8, 2005
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A mangy rat-like creature. It has large grasping jaws with many incisors. It's said in ancient Podian historical records that the Pooks manifest into this form by combining human blood with the corpses of nutria that have drowned in the East Ganges River. It measures anywhere from 14 to 28" in length. One body will often multiply into 3 or more smaller beings, thus making it hard to determine a standard size. They feed on any living thing that can be heard, and have a very hard time using other senses.
As Harshul was collecting his river bells to journey home, he was suddenly torn into pieces by a gaggle of pooks.
by jerohme spye November 4, 2006
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to unnecessarily crank, crab, be angry or otherwise upset

pook, pooking, pooked
pooked out
after the wedgie, he was pretty pooked out.
by kendall October 29, 2004
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noun -- A word used to describe your buddies girlfriend. Especially if your friend is wipped.
Hey, did you seen John at the bar last night?

Nope, he was with his pook.

Did you pook buy you those pants?
by david December 13, 2004
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Shit, caca,lollop, poopy plops.
Captain Cook did a pook
Behind the kitchen door.
The cat came up and licked it up
And said "I want some more".
by Pete Fowler November 27, 2005
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