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A type of rectal excretion that leaves the body with great force, excessive gaseousness, and copious amounts of fecal liquids.
That hot sauce really messed me up! First thing the next morning, I hit the toilet with a harsh case of the plops.
by terminal 2 February 04, 2008
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The sound one makes when one drops a ploppy-poo into a body of water.
Heave... heave... PLOP! Ahhh...
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
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Plop- Is to lay or sit very comfortably for an excessive period of time.
I came home from work today and right away just plopped on my bed.
by Jameseven December 06, 2013
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A random word used to fill awkward conversation silence.
- (silence)
- "plop"
- ::giggle:: "what??"
by Jay Morris December 11, 2004
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a plop is when someone is taking a poo. and when the poo hits the water in the toilet the poo makes a plop like sound.
i was just in the toilet and flora did such a huge plop!
by matt godden September 30, 2007
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A state of lethargy that prevails while engaged in activites involving a computer or cell phone. often results in falling over onto the keyboard of the computer/phone and sleeping for a long period of time while one's buddies on chat constantly message them asking where they went, or where an excessive amount of texts are recieved also questioning them. Usually, no answer is given due to the slumber the plopper is in, resulting in buddies feeling as though their friend has been abducted by aliens.
Dude, sorry I never responded to your IMs last night. I plopped and ended up being late to school.

(Into an AIM chat): I'm so tired, I'm probably going to plop any minute. Don't be surprised if you get some mumbo jumbo IMs from me, its probably my forehead.
by AllTimeLowYo November 06, 2009
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