That city where if you own a house already, you can sell it and buy two of the same in Toronto, or three in Calgary, or an entire street in Winnipeg.
My mouldy 1200 square foot bungalow in Vancouver costs one million dollars because it's got a yard. A yard with trees? That'll be a million-two.
by Rexxx September 05, 2006
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That city where the average house price in the metropolitan region is now $699,000 as of august 2006, and where one in three houses for sale is listed at over a million dollars. Torontonians who move here usually end up downsizing from a 4 bedroom house in the city to a 2 bedroom condo or townhome 3 hours from downtown.
Sells toronto house for $378,000. Heads to Vancouver and looks around...

Richmond: $658,000
Surrey: $544,000
Burnaby: $680,000
Vancouver east: $560,000
Vancouver west: $1,200,000
North Vancouver: $814,000
West Vancouver: $1,500,000
White Rock: $710,000

Shit, looks like I'll hv to live in Victoria or sth...

Victoria: $548,000
Kelowna: $391,000

Oh mannnn...
by Rennie_ September 08, 2006
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Beamerville. The highest concentration of luxury cars and souped up civics you'll find outside of LA. Offers the best seafood in the world at good prices. Downtown consists of 99% condo towers and marinas. Very nice and all, but make sure you avoid the DTES next door (Downtown Eastside)! Real estate on the west half of the city will cost both your arms and legs as well as those of your children and grand children. Ownership of a home starts at one million dollars. Have fun paying off the mortgage.
"I drive around the parking lot at Aberdeen Centre in Vancouver and can only find BMWs and Mercedes benz..."

"You can't find sashimi like this anywhere outside Vancouver"

"Sonofabitch...I make 200k and I can't pay off my mortgage! Vancouver sucks!!!"
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A gorgeous city nestled between the mountains and the ocean, that ranks on most years as the city with the best living standards in the world. It's got the biggest per-capita health-care budget, best education standards, cleanest water, least pollution, healthiest lifestyles, sexiest moms, best seafood, and by far the most BMW's per capita for any city its size in the world. But for property prices, let's just say you'll need to be able to afford two houses in Toronto before considering the Vancouver market. It's also that place where people are perpetually drinking lattes, doing yoga, skiing and windsurfing all at the same instant, while wearing those coveted lulumon pants.

So why should anyone be surprised that Vancouver is more of a resort city than a head-office town. Familes constantly go out to eat, and enjoy hiking, skiing or kayaking on weekends. Food is cheap, but just about everything else isn't. Traffic is horrendous, and city council likes it that way so to make life difficult for businesses and force people to use bikes instead...resulting in the lowest percentage of private car trips in any North American city. Ironically car-ownership is highest in Canada at 2.3 cars per household...but nevermind that.

Vancouver has its embarrassing roots as a hippy town, where Greenpeace and adbusters once thrived. Though it has long since matured as a city, funny things still happen in Vancouver that don't happen in the rest of Canada, like foreign investors swapping condos that they've never lived in, teachers going on strike over wages that aren't higher than other provinces by a significant enough margin, environmental critics fussing over the best drinking water in the world, protecting mountain views by restricting building heights, immigrant families cooperating together to conceal offshore incomes, or those awkward situations at the gardening shop when you wonder what the sign means when it says "Best pot selection in BC". But this is what makes Vancouver such a unique place to live. Here, we live well, and all else can go to hell.

So the artsy fartsy turd from Toronto complaining about the prints in our pseudo art-galleries, can suck his broadway-loving metrosexual partner back in Central Canada - while Hollywood continues to film their movies on our West Coast- and thank his mayor for giving us the 2010 Games; and the rednecks belittling Vancouver's lack of head offices will hopefully enjoy the fumes from their neighbourhood Stelco plant.
Vancouver is the only place in Canada with a real chance of becoming a world city.
by jonathan guisado November 12, 2006
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The land of great beauty with high standards of living, flowing with milk and honey, run abound by Asians, natives, mixed people whose race you can never guess, and sexy blond girls accompanied by their hot moms. The land of fresh seafood, fine dining, and the province's most lucrative agricultural produce - high-quality BC bud - God's gift to mankind. A place where cops can pass by a group of Hondurians dealing cocaine on the corner of Dunsmuir and Seymour...and neither group does a doubletake. The streetscape is filled with beamers, race cars and souped up's a place where you can sit back with your stash of weed and appreciate for eternity the beauty of living in the best place on earth.
Vancouver is in BC, where God lives.
by Roger A December 01, 2006
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A city in western Canada, where there are no restrooms to the light rail system.

A city where the princess government didn’t do any real stuff but bribed the media to enlist the most livable cities.

A city where the realtor’s association forced poor hard working middle class to pay about $30k of extra fee by mandating a buyer’s agent, when buying a place to live.

A city of which the timber industry is the only driving force for the whole province.

A city where the retired elderlies pushed the government to ban any new industries coming to the city for youngsters to work on, saying it would bring down the value of elderlies’ multi million dollar houses, but laughed at youngsters who could not find a job.

A city where older employers exploit and abuse the unemployed youngsters who were desperate for a job.

A city where you would have no savings left even if you were extremely hard working and smart.
Guy A: I am from Vancouver.
Guy B: Jeez, you must be broke.
by vancouver123 August 11, 2020
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A beautiful city on the west coast. One of the few places in Canada with potential to be a world city. The climate is moderate and it never gets cold, however it rains alot and heavy overcast is highly common. The best drugs in Canada are available here thus meaning, the best drugs in the world. Vancouver is a real relaxed, open minded, multi cultural, hippie town. The people are friendly, and there is endless things to do. Plus the scenery is gorgeous. However there is a downside. The lower eastside (east hastings and main) is the poorest neighbourhood in Canada. The highest concentration of HIV/AIDS in the western world, and alot of people have hepatitas. However if you don't have unprotected sex with the hookers and don't share needles you should be fine. The drug epidemic does take away from the city (slightly) however you don't see as many junkies shooting up in the streets due to the 'safe shoot up center'.
K: I love Vancouver.
A: I hate that rainy, hippie infested, shit pit!
K: Your loss.
by SYANIDE, April 25, 2008
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